Artistic Bio

I am currently working on a Composition Diploma from Berklee College of Music. My principal instrument is flute. Prior to arriving at Berklee in May 2016, I was a middle school Band Director. I taught at Holloman Middle School in Alamogordo, New Mexico. This was inspiring to get to teach on an american Air Force Base. I started taking lot more pride in my work as a musician. I learned skills on managing a classroom, conducting school concerts and teaching different musical instruments. I began exploring the art of arranging. I began to read and play more frequently on separate instruments in separate clefs. This made the arranging part easier because I knew who could do what. Most importantly, I experienced the joy of making and sharing music. 

I want to teach, write, play and conduct for a living. I’m not sure which of these will be the path, but I do know this is what I want to do. I am thankful for the current opportunity to study under Berklee’s brilliant teachers. Each day I grow a little smarter and a little stronger. I know if I keep working hard every day, things will happen. I can’t wait to see where it goes. Music is embedded in my soul. My desire to become a master will never end, so I must pursue it.


by Jason Rueger and Bo Konigsmark

A 10 song LP of indie music produced in April of this year. Songs were written by Jason Rueger and arranged by Bo Konigsmark. I play acoustic guitar, flute and harmony vocals. Album is set to be released in October of this year.

Here are two singles from the album. Enjoy!


I have two pieces being performed by three different ensembles this fall, "Meditations" and "4 Movements for String Quartet"

October 18th "Meditations" performed by Wind Quintet, 7:30pm at David Friend Recital Hall.

October 14th "Meditations" performed by Flute Choir.

October 25th "4 Movements for String Quartet" student's readings by Mivos String Quartet.


Guitar Compositions