Bo writes music so that musicians can communicate with one another. He enjoys playing the flute and piano and prefers to conduct or be invovled in the creation of his music. He also enjoys writing lyrics that directly relate to his own life experiences. He leads improv sessions, directs band, choir and orchestra, and writes scores for large ensembles. He seeks to get the most out of the musician, show their power and create meaning. He aims to cultivate their gifts and share them with the world in the most profound way possible—to be artists and creators.

Bo has enjoyed being educated in jazz, modal and classical theory at Berklee College of music and has also taught middle school music for four years. He is currently a Tufts Graduate composer and is leading his own ensemble with a collection of song cycles and an opera. Under all this is a hunger to be a strong person, an example of integrity—to work hard everyday and never quit. To help others and to share in the effort. Music brings people together and is an evolving force. It is a language in and of itself and leads us to communicate beyond our own imagination. Let us continue the journey and see what joy and strength it may produce every day!

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In to the Light

by Mark Bolan Konigsmark

This title pertains more to an opus and an ensemble name. There is the “In to the Light” ensemble, (comprised of on-going Boston based performers), the opera and song cycles. Each of these categories apply to material that Bo has composed as well as collaborations he has established with performers.

Enjoy this collection of works dating back to March of 2018.

  • 1:18
    The opening movement to the opera-everything feels perfect almost except that there are a few things which seem strange. See how these intervals and sounds strike you and wanting to know more of what's ahead. Performed by Rose Hegele, Jillian Carelli sopranos, Shaun Chen violin and Lukasz Pawlikowski cello, Distler Hall, November 5, 2018, Tufts University
  • 1:11
    The sopranos and string players want to have more fun and show the world's innocent joy of dancing. In the meantime other events are being plotted, someone is watching. Something feels wrong. Performed by Rose Hegele, Jillian Carelli sopranos, Shaun Chen violin and Lukasz Pawlikowski cello, Distler Hall, November 5, 2018, Tufts University
  • 3:02
    She has begun to notice strange, curious vibes in the air. She realizes something is wrong and knows it's been done not only against her, but to those she loves as well. The fury of betrayal is raw full of passion. He will pay
  • 2:03
    He is inserting his ego and also plain emotion. He is angry and jealous, full of rage. He wants credit for his power, his leadership, but no one is listening because he is possessed, drowning in dread
  • 3:22
    She's becoming more reserved and standoffish, as he pushes his power and might forward, but for what reasons? For mankind or for himself. He is terrifying, but how does he use his power?
  • 3:16
    There are three songs preceding this one which have been recorded but not yet mixed. This is the final song of part I. All the tears are dried, the rage subsided, it's time to get back what was taken. This note at the end, from the clarinet and eventually the strings , lets the audience know that the good has been betrayed. What the characters decide to do at this point is up to them, but we can be sure that all of them are some combination of hurt, angry, confused and enlightened. The drama begins.
  • 2:18
    Nephthys appears in more matured form and Iris joins her. A few years have gone by, but the music is still alive. The search for Osiris (man's goodness, innocence) continues. This is a time to be happy because everyone knows it's true. They have come and because of that we have hope.
  • 2:29
    Suddenly some strange vibes enter from a far that give a sense of red and gold, raging fire and beer. The music is a potion inhabiting some toxic emotion. It is not meant to be pretty, only to drift in a lazy, confusing space, drawing creative lines, that will truly last forever
  • 1:41
    The sisters have stirred the evil around and gained control of it. More light is being discovered as the stage shares warmth and harmony, hope for the future


Tenebrae is a series of prayers, with text derived from the Liber Usualis. They explore subjects of death for men, women and children, as well as light, darkness and human character.

  • 5:54
    Three latin prayers and two ancient Egyptian festival themes. Featuring sopranos Rose Hegele and Jillian Carelli, violin Shaun Chen and cello Lukasz Pawlikowski. Premiered November 5th, 2018, Distler Hall, Tufts University
  • 5:00
    A Microtonal Prayer for Soprano, Counter Tenor and three flutes, featuring Rose Hegele (soprano) and Mark Bolan conducting. Premiered May 2, 2018, Colvin Recital Hall, Berklee College of Music
ITL (serious).JPG
ITL (serious).JPG

The Realm

The Realm is a song cycle which uses the texts of dead poets and as well as originals of the composer. The themes concern our decision making in life, how death can be so fragile, and how it lives in our dreams.

  • 4:18
    One poem, two songs. This piece begins the mortality song cycle featuring Jillian Carelli (soprano). It is set with violin (Shaun Chen) and cello (Lukasz Pawlikowski). Poem titled "Death Cannot Come too Soon" by Henry David Thoreau. Premiered March 28, 2018, Berk Recital Hall, Berklee College of Music
  • 5:06
    Three poems, three songs. This piece continues the mortality cycle, featuring Jillian Carelli (soprano) but this time with clarinet (Alessandra C Hollowell), trumpet (Devina Boughton) and marimba/piano (Kunal Gala). Mark Bolan conducting. Poems: "All things must die" by Alfred Lord Tennyson, "Here dead we lie" by A.E. Housman and "The Dream" by Helen Hunt Jackson. Premiered October 15, 2018, Distler Hall, Tufts University

Flute and vocal choir

by Mark Bolan Konigsmark

These are little gems mixed together for a compositional collage

  • 2:50
    A harmonic landscape filled with endless colorful suspensions and a haunting piano bass. These four flutes take us somewhere we've never felt before. Premiered by Berklee flute ensemble (Monica Wenxuen Hu, Guillem Vila Borras, Erica Depietro and Sara Katz) and piano (Yotam Ishay). Mark Bolan conducting. Premiered December 13, 2017, Berk Recital Hall, Berklee College of Music
  • 2:46
    Composed in a short amount of time, this piece explores the flexibility in communication between the piano and the flute. Writing without bar lines is more feasible for two instruments!
  • 4:11
    Traditionally the first prayer in the Ordinary of the mass. Hear the Berklee Underground choir perform this modern rendition of an ancient chant. Premiered April 25, 2018, Old South Church, Boston MA